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I’m a Jinius!: Interview with Julia Wiedeman and Angela Dee of NAKED PEOPLE

Shameless self-promotion here! But, within it I think there is some wonderful information about getting your own show up on its feet. I’m a big fan of taking our acting career into our own hands and Juila Wiedeman is an inspiring force to have worked with. Read on – and thanks to Jiji for interviewing […]

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Ann Carr

The NYC Actor Podcast: “The Actress” star and creator Ann Carr

Ann Carr, the star and creator of web series “The Actress” Skypes in to talk about investing in yourself and your career, and never letting anyone hold you back from your goals. This podcast is also available for download at iTunes The Actress the Series Official website The Actress on YouTube Ann Carr official Website […]

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Mind Blown by the Nuances of This Bright Little Fireball: An Interview with Angela Dee »

I recently shot a feature film in Memphis, TN. I was pleased to be interviewed about my technique and overall approach to acting by the director and am happy to share it with you… I first saw actress Angela Dee about six years ago, when we were casting my first film, The Way I See […]

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A letter to casting directors, directors and producers: Auditions

I usually share stories and anecdotes on things I have done as an actress so that you can take my faux-pas and experiences and turn them into successes for yourselves. But today, I want to suggest something to all the casting directors/director/producers out there that they can do to help me and my fellow actors […]

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Extra Extra!

I’ve avoided doing extra work for a long time after doing a ton of it in my early 20s. As a non-union actor it can be a lot of standing/sitting around for very little, if any, pay. When you enter the union world, you are treated slightly better. Your hours are monitored and you get […]

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