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Andrew Peters Skypes in from Australia to talk about his new online voiceover database and casting service Real Time Casting, coining the phrase “The Psychology of Trust,” and even offers a little advice to AFTRA and SAG. The NYC Actor Podcast is available to download or subscribe to at iTunes! Visit The NYC Actor

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what is a voiceover auditon like?

A voiceover audition is usually like this: Arrive at casting office (or agents office) Sign in Get copy Read copy to yourself for five minutes Be called in to the recording booth Record 2-3 takes Leave – Sometimes you will need to record from home. You’ll be given a deadline to send in your takes […]

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Ask me! – How much do I charge for voiceovers?

A.D., A.V.L. here with a voiceover question. Say your friend Anna has been doing voiceovers for her friend’s video tutorials. I’ve started charging as of the last project, as I am unemployed now and can no longer do pro bono. So–how much do I charge? Or rather what calculation do I use to figure out […]

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Hold Yer Horses

Don’t celebrate until the check’s in your hand and the spot’s runnin’! I don’t know if you’ve seen this season’s Mad Men, but they illustrate this point brilliantly with the Patio commercial story-line. I cannot tell you the amount of jobs I have been hired or on-hold for that have fallen through. Just last week I […]

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